We are a family owned and operated business that prides ourselves in providing a professional service to you. We will do everything in our power to ensure your time with us is special and memorable. If you have special requests, please feel free to ask.



When you book a service with B.I.G Premier Limousines's you accept total responsibility for any damages you or any passengers may cause to the limousine during this charter, and agree to compensate B.I.G. Premier Limousine’s for any damages in full.  You understand and acknowledge the following:


When you place a booking online you agree that you AGREE to the following agreement.

• 2 hour minimum

• Your time starts at the time you tell B.I.G. Premier Limousine’s to pick up your party – not when we get into the limousine.

• The Moon Roof is to remain closed at all times due to liability exposure!

• In the event that you did not allow enough time to complete your run and additional time is needed, if the driver has the availability and the limousine does not have a later booking, You understand that you will be responsible at that time to pay the driver to complete your run.

• Travel Outside Grand Island, Nebraska Mileage Fee: If you are booking outside Grand Island, NE there is a $1 per mile fee one way. This fee is not included and will need to be paid in full before service starts. (Example: If you live in Aurora you will be charged $21 Fee because it's 21 miles there. The fee will be charged to your card. You understand and agree that your card will be charged for the mileage fee or you can arrange to pay by cash/ check/card by contacting B.I.G. Limos.)



Minors, regardless of parental consent, shall not be allowed to bring or consume any alcohol or drugs while in or around the chartered vehicle.  At no time can minors under legal drinking age and alcohol be in or around the chartered vehicle at the same time!


No smoking of any kind be allowed; periodic stops can be taken for cigarette breaks.


Should any person of legal drinking age bring alcohol into the vehicle, be advised that each individual is liable for himself or herself in the event law enforcement officials should stop the vehicle.  It is illegal to have open alcohol containers in a vehicle on a public highway.  All illegal substances are strictly prohibited inside the limousine.


Your time starts at the time you tell B.I.G Premier Limousine’s to pick you up - not when you get in the limousine.  Please advise if there is a “Meet & Greet” prior to pickup - this might short you on time if not allowed for.


Vomiting while riding on B.I.G. Limo is a liability. The driver will collect an additional $300.00 for the cleaning and fumigation if necessary and the ride will end for the one or those who vomit on the bus.


Should anyone in your party bring glitter inside the limousine, the driver will collect and additional $100.00 for cleaning.


The driver may terminate the balance of any run due to misbehavior that may cause damages to the vehicle or that are in violation of this agreement. No REFUNDS for runs not completed. If at any time during the transport a passenger becomes unruly or hostile towards the driver, the driver will terminate the transport immediately and contact the proper authorities. If the driver needs to intervene in any way due to bad mouthing or hitting the driver will terminate the run and there will be an extra charge.


There will be a $30.00 service charge on all returned checks (and the balance must be paid by money order or certified check, or paid in cash). 

We have the right to change our agreement and will update this page as needed.